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Price Schedule
(Effective Feb 1, 2021)

Training/Conditioning/Rehab                                                           $500.00/Month or $17/Day
(Due on or before the 5th of the month-$450/Month or $15/Day for 3 or more horses- same owner)

Board (Stall Rest or w/Training)                                          $700.00/Month or $24/Day
(Due on or before the 5th of the month)

Board with Turn Out or Hand Walk up to 15 min. daily) $850.00/Month or $29/Day
(Due on or before the 5th of the month)

Lessons                                                                                                     $50.00/per lesson
(Horses in training - No charge for two per week (non-accumulative)    
Show Braiding                                                                                         $35.00/per class
(Horses in training – No charge)
Body Clipping                                                                                        $125.00/per horse
Hauling                                                                       $ .80 per mile or $50.00 minimum

Equivibe                                                                                             $30.00 per treatment
(Horses in Training/Conditioning/Rehab – No Charge)

Laundry: Blankets will be cleaned by Silver Aspen Ranch @ $5.00 per blanket.
Shoeing:  Shoeing is scheduled every 6-8 weeks.  Due at the time of service.
Tack Storage: $50.00 per month.  No Charge for horses on Board and/or in Training.
Additional Grain: Board includes Daily Special Blend (2 lbs. max).  Any other Grain will be
at the owner’s expense.
Supplements, Medications & Supplies: Will be billed separately at owner’s expense.  
Sales Commissions: Sales Commission is 15% of the Sale Price and due at the time of sale.

Local Horse Shows
*Flat Rate Fee (Weekend Show)                  $300.00
*Flat Rate Fee (3 or more day Shows)         $450.00
*Day Fee (for horses not showing) $50.00/Day (includes the day before plus show days)
(Owners with more than one horse will receive a 10% Discount on the flat rate fee.)

Tack/Ready Rooms:  Clients will be required to pay for one or more Tack rooms prior to show with the entry.  Excess Tack room charges will be divided between the number of Client horses or a minimum of $5.00 per horse. *The flat/Day rate does not include show entry fees, hauling, early arrival fees, Medications, extra help, bedding or feed, and stall decorations. These charges will be combined with excess Tack Room charges and billed per horse.


Major Shows

The flat rate fee is to be paid 2 weeks prior to horse(s) leaving for the show.  Clients with more than one horse will receive a 10% discount on the flat rate fee.  Horses must be in training at least 60 days prior to entering a major show and through the date of return to Silver Aspen Ranch.

Scottsdale                                                                                          $1,500.00

Region 4                                                                                                $800.00

Region 5                                                                                                $800.00

Region 7________________________________________________$800.00

Youth Nationals                                                                                $1,750.00

Canadian Nationals                                                                          $1,750.00

U.S. Nationals                                                                                   $2,000.00

*This flat rate fee per horse covers trainer’s expenses*
Items excluded from this fee are as follows:
Body clipping, shoeing, advertising, vet & medications, tack, ready & feed rooms, show entry fees, hauling, bedding and/or feed, extra help, stall décor, furniture, Patron & early arrival fees.  Clients will be required to pay for one or more Tack rooms prior to show with the entry.  Excess Tack room charges plus any of the above charges will be divided and billed per each client horse.  Five or less Client horses at a Major Show will constitute an increased Flat Rate Fee per horse.

All Accounts not paid in full by the billing date (25th of each month) will be accessed a finance charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance.  Accounts not paid within 30 days of the account due date; Training of the horse will cease, and the account will be charged board only (without turnout) until the account is paid in full.  For Credit Card payments using PayPal or other source, a 3% service charge will be added to the payment.      ($25 Fee on Returned Checks)

 Owner will be given a minimum of 30 days notice of any price schedule revisions.

Board/training fees are billed on a monthly basis.  Clients requesting a refund will be credited the daily Board and/or Training rate and billed a $15 office charge.